Friday, February 19, 2010

About Us

Who are we?
We are members of the Human-Computer Interaction community interested in using computing technologies to promote peace and prevent conflict. This blog aims to highlight and celebrate work already done to this end and to encourage further work with peace as its explicit goal. We hope this call to action starts some community-wide discussions from which positive action can spring: our world can be no brighter than the worlds we dream of. We seek to create the conditions for peace by both promoting the precursors of peace – democracy, education, economic opportunity – and decreasing the known causes of conflict – war profiteering, inequality, environmental stress, and the failure of the social contract, to name only a few. The HCI community is uniquely positioned in the computing world to affect change in this arena, its focus not only on the user sitting in front of a screen, but on the effect of technology on humanity at a societal and global scale.

What are we doing?
At the CHI 2010 conference, we recruited 500 peace ambassadors, held an informal brainstorm for peace, and collected many ideas for peace. We had even more activities at CHI 2011, including a paper presentation and a panel. More recently, we hosted a SIG at INTERACT 2011, and a workshop at CHI 2012. We will be hosting a SIG at CHI 2013. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to stay informed.

How can you help?
We are looking for stories of computing technologies being used in positive ways to promote peace and prevent conflict to feature on our blog. If you are working on or know of such a project, we would be happy to feature a short interview or a resource link. We are open to all sorts of collaborations and ideas.

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  1. "Mind Reading" is a disease that ~all humans have.
    One kind of "Mind Reading" is demonization and it is a prerequisite to war.
    "Mind Reading" is healed by a computer game:

    The leader of the "Mind Reading" movement is Dick Cheney: "Americans are the best Mind Readers! We can see enemies where no one else can! That's how I knew Saddam had WMD; the Iraqis would welcome us with open arms, and detainees had secrets only available after waterboarding!"

    As reconciliation we are organizing "Waterboard Cheney World Tour." We include Cheney-look-a-likes, a professional dunk-the-clown operator and other comedian staff.

    European summer festival goers will be labeled "terrorist" by Cheney as they pass the "Dunk the Clown" performance area. Cheney will invite them over for "a little dunk" in the tank of water he is suspended over. Customers may have their efforts to dunk Cheney video taped for a DVD souvenir and an upload to where they can tell all their friends to go check it out.

    Press releases will be available for all media outlets capable of "if it bleeds, it leads."